At Capital Websites, we appreciate that your website is the shop window of your business. With over 25 years in the web design business, we can ensure that your customers are put first when developing a rich, fit-for-purpose e-commerce web store that will leave a lasting impression on the people who matter most.

We have linked up with Aberdeen marketing agency Azzurro Blu whose experience in digital marketing, web-design and graphic design compliments our own expertise and can help bring a better product range to our clients.


In a day and age where online data security is making headlines, we at Capital Websites understand the importance of your customers data integrity. No matter what size of online store your business requires, we ensure that the correct security measures are in place to ensure your customers sensitive data is safe, so you have one less thing to worry about. Furthermore, we design our websites with customer trust in mind to ensure the people that matter most feel comfortable purchasing from your web store.


At Capital Websites, we have tried and tested techniques to ensure your e-commerce store not only reaches as many potential customers as possible, but also focuses on your chosen market. Using a number of search engine optimisation techniques, and designing your website with your target market in mind, we make sure your web store is viewed as much as possible by the people that matter the most. Furthermore, we strive to ensure that the customer has an enjoyable experience when shopping on your website to maximise returning customers to your online store.


At Capital Websites, we appreciate that the prospect of managing an e-commerce web store of any scale can be a daunting task. By assigning one of our senior developers to your project, we ensure that you always have direct contact with those responsible for the development of your online store. Furthermore, once your web store has been built, we provide comprehensive training to make absolutely sure you and your team are comfortable with the management of your website. Our support is second to none, and with Capital Solutions, the development and management of your e-commerce store is completely stress free.

Ease of Use

When designing an e-commerce website, it's extremely important that the end user, your customers, find the web store as intuitive and accessible as possible. First impression is key, and at Capital Websites we work hard to ensure that the design and layout of your website is centred on the customer, offering your target audience a clean, fast and enjoyable experience from entry point to transaction completion.


Having an online store built by Capital Websites gives you access to statistics which are physically impossible to gather in a high street store. Having access to a huge variation of statistics allows you to determine what products are more popular than others, allowing you to focus your marketing and promotions on the products that matter the most to your customers. We offer high quality analytics as a standard to our clients, which will give you insight to knowledge such as your web stores peak times, customer trends, and statistics on your best selling items.

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